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風 Feng 茶 Chá (2020)
Der Wind durch Blätter und Wasser im Wandel des Seins

Produktion des Atelier Performative Künste

Susanne Weins, Sara Simeoni, SooJung Hwang, Sašo Vollmaier, Jon Kellam


Performers: Susanne Weins, Sašo Vollmaier
Director: Sabine Seume
Stage design : Wolfgang Peters
Photo: Ruelke Studios 
Video: Thilo Schölpen

The voice/dance performance "Moving octaves" of the duo Susanne Weins and Sašo Vollmaier staged under the direction of Sabine Seume. A tribute to the voice teacher Alfred Wolfsohn *23.9.1896 (Berlin) - †26.1.1962 (London).


Idea/Performer: Claudia Schnürer

Direction/Voice training: Susanne Weins

Music/Sound concept: Sašo Vollmaier

Light/Photography: Rene Rülke

Costume/Placement/Research: Grace Woodford

Video documentation, editing, cut: Thilo Schölpen

embarks on the search for traces of an intergenerational heritage. Beautiful poetic images that disturb, free and make you think about your own roots and their meaning in the here and now. by and with string projects / Claudia Schnürer physical theater solo "Anton. Feeding Demons."


Performers: Susanne Weins
Sašo Vollmaier
Direction: Sabine Seume
Light: Rene Rülke
Stage design: Wolfgang Peters
Organisation: Alexandra Saraval
Camera: Thilo Schölpen
Audio,Video,Music: Sašo Vollmaier

Performance inspired by Albrecht Dürer's "Melencolia I"